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What is HSBC Advance Members

Helping our Advance customers make new memories without breaking the bank!

At HSBC, we aim to connect our customers to opportunities, help them fulfil their hopes and to realise their ambitions but, we know that sometimes this comes with a cost.

Therefore, in order to make everyday life a little bit more special without having to worry about spending a fortune we have created HSBC Advance Members, a rewards platform for our Advance customers. Advance Members provides access to a whole host of exclusive special offers, discounts, freebies, events and competitions we have handpicked for you from top-quality partners.

The Benefits

  • Unlimited access to our Advance Members exclusive special offers
  • Surprise freebies to brighten your day when you are least expecting it
  • The chance to be a winner of our exciting quarterly competitions and events
  • Free membership to the life style offer and experience hub Take Time Out

How do I redeem an offer?

It's as easy as 1,2,3 ...

  1. Register and login to Advance Members
  2. Browse our wide range of offers, events and competitons
  3. Click on the offer you wish to redeem and enjoy!

*Access to Advance Members is reserved for HSBC Advance account holders only. Full details of each offer and how to redeem them are provided on the offer specific pages. Offer terms and conditions may differ therefore, please make sure you read these before proceeding. For full terms and conditions of Advance Members please visit here